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Are you having garage door problems? We have the solution! At Jessco Overhead Doors, we strive to always give our customers professional and efficient garage door repair service. We can install or repair any brand of garage door or door opener. At Jessco Overhead Doors, we know how to repair any technical issue you may be having with your garage door system. We have seen it all! We have the skill and training to complete garage door inspections, yearly maintenance programs and emergency repair services. We’ll get the job done right the first time!

For all garage door repair service needs, trust Jessco Overhead Doors. No issue is too tough or too complex for us!

Call us now for a professional garage door repair service at 705-325-2568.

Area served: all neighborhoods of Barrie: Little Lake, Holly, Painswick, Saint Pauls, Tollendal, Bayshore Estates, Cundles, Letitia Heights and Minet’s Point. Gravenhurst, Orillia and surroundings.

To see all of the services we offer, please see our most frequently asked questions below.

My garage door doesn’t open or close correctly, what can I do?

When your door just won’t open or close properly, we recommend contacting an expert. Trying to do it yourself could result in an injury. During the service call, we will do a complete inspection of your garage door system and test your door opener. We will troubleshoot until we find what’s causing your garage door to malfunction. If any parts are damaged, we will replace them. Any needed adjustments will also be done so your door can function properly. At Jessco Overhead Doors, we give customers top-quality service. We complete the work promptly and make sure to fully test the garage door system, making sure it’s working as it should. Before leaving, our technicians clean up the work site, leaving nothing behind. With our many years of experience with residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural garage door systems, we guarantee great repair and maintenance services every single time!

Why is my garage door suddenly making loud noises?

When using your garage door system, loud noises are either a sign of a broken part or a need for lubrication. If the track on your garage door is worn, bent or misaligned, the door will start to make loud or squeaking noises. Frayed cables or springs can also result in a noisy garage door. At Jessco Overhead Doors, we can fix or replace these parts as needed. We will lubricate all springs, rollers and hinges as well as adjust the door so it can operate smoothly once again. If your garage door is making loud noises, call us today! We can book an appointment or an emergency repair depending on your needs.

A spring on my garage door just broke, can you replace it?

Yes we can! Here at Jessco Overhead Doors, we can replace all damaged or broken springs, rollers, brackets and more. We can inspect your door and determine which parts need to be fixed or replaced. We can then complete the repair, often in the same visit. If you’ve been thinking of updating your garage doorhardware, let us know! We can change it while we are on site. As Garaga Experts, we offer timely service and quality workmanship. We can help design your next garage door, or offer suggestions on updating your current one. Call us today to learn more. We make garage door repairs, maintenance and installations easy and stress-free!

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Can you also fix garage door openers?

Yes we can! Our technicians can service and repair all brands of garage door openers. If you’re having trouble with your door opener, it’s likely due to low batteries in the radio transmitter, a door misalignment or an obstruction of the photo-electric sensors. At Jessco Overhead Doors, our experts can correctly identify the problem and fix it. If you don’t have a garage door opener or are in need of a new one, we carry LiftMaster brand garage door openers. We have found them to be the most durable, efficient brand available today. Let Jessco Overhead Doorsinstall, repair or service your automatic garage door opener. We offer our services to customers throughout the Gravenhurst, Barrie, Orillia and surrounding areas.

For more information, contact us today! Call us at 1-866-985-2568 to book a garage door repair service or a preventive maintenance. Our team looks forward to helping you with all of your garage door needs!

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