Why we recommend Garaga

Why do we at Jessco Overhead Doors recommend the Garaga brand? There are many sound reasons behind our trust in this brand. As one of the leading makers of residential, commercial, industrial, and even agricultural garage doors and overhead doors, Garaga prides itself on offering customers only the highest quality products and expert service possible.

Since 1983, this family-owned business has focused on making only the most durable, stylish and reliable ranges of doors, and as a customer, we urge you to consider this impressive brand.

Superior quality synonymous with Garaga

Did you know that your garage door can actually represent about 40% of your home's exterior surface, adding or detracting from its overall curb appeal? It does, and because of that Garaga offers a diversity of doors to meet any property owner's style and needs.

After all, it is about more than good looks. Though customers can choose from a wide array of stylish and appealing garage doors, Garaga knows you need more. Located in Quebec, the company understands that your garage door has to function in all seasons. They design their products to keep your garage warm, dry, and energy efficient through even the worst weather conditions.

With GARAGA garage doors, you get the energy benefits of thermal break that prevent heated air from escaping or cool air leaking in, you get weathertight seals, windproof installations and designs, and of course, those good looking doors. You will enjoy durable garage doors that provide years of efficient service, helping to cut energy bills while providing security and performance.

Because they are so sure that their doors will meet your needs, Garaga offers a limited lifetime warranty on almost all of their garage door. And they back this up with their impressive service standards.

Finest customer service

With Garaga's many years of experience, they have the skills and know-how to deliver end-to-end customer service, and at Jessco Overhead Doors we are proud to offer only the finest installation of these high-quality doors in Barrie.

The emphasis of the Garaga mission is to deliver the finest customer service possible, and this translates to exceeding customer expectations and offering up incomparable products as well as service.

Professionalism in manufacturing and customer service add up to the finest consumer experiences possible. All Garaga employees understand that their firm has only the highest expectations and strictest criteria, and that they must meet these only with the best experience, knowledge and performance. After all, it is the Garaga reputation on the line, and so the company ensures that only the best employees are on the job.

Whether you have a commercial, industrial or residential installation, you can trust that you have only the best and most skillful manufacturing and installation. Because we are Garaga Experts, we understand their complete product line and can help you choose the right doors for your needs. With Garaga and Jessco Overhead Doors, you will choose once and enjoy a lifetime of security, performance, and beauty.

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